In my blog Why I allow Yashi to do help in household chores… I told you about… why Yashi (My little girl) helps me?… I am a Home maker… I do my all house hold chores by myself…Yup. Right, I love to do my work by self. No work is big or small. When Yashi saw me to do my work by my self. She also wants to do the same. And I believe it’s important to teach your child that you have to do your work by yourself. So, they respect work. So, in this blog I am going to share a list of age appropriate    chores. When they help you with their little-little hands, they feel proud and joy. Because that chore not just a chore for them, it’s like a role play for them. They feel confident, joyful and thrill.

When they help you, they feel that they are also part of your big world too. Sometimes we didn’t realise when we are got busy in our personal problems, work related problems and in life. And we forgot that sometimes our kids feel neglected and forsaken. We never do this intentionally and wilfully. But some time we just didn’t realise this. This is my own observation. When I noticed this problem, I think a lot about what to do. Then bell rung in my mind. And I made a list of work which I can do with Yashi. So, she never ever feels ignored and feel close to me. So, here is list that I made from my own personal experience, expedition and my own motherhood experiments. Here I am explaining at what age, child to do tasks. I hope this will give you an idea of what kind of task kids can be expected to help out with dissimilar ages.

  2 – 3 -year-old

  • Pick up toys and put them in cupboard.
  • Pick up books and put in bookshelf.
  • Pick up colours and crayons by own self.
  • Put dirty clothes in laundry.
  • Put dirty diapers in dustbin.
  • Dust.

  4 – 6 -year-old

  • Put away their own dishes.
  • Put shoes on feet.
  • Match their socks.
  • Wipe doors and windows.
  • Water Plants.
  • Help clean their room.
  • Put clean clothes in cupboard.
  • And all chores listed in above list.

7- 9-year-old

  • Help to clean house.
  • Set dishes in the kitchen.
  • Put away groceries.
  • Make their own sandwiches in supervision.
  • Pack their own lunch.
  • Fill their own water bottle.
  • Help in baking.
  • Help to decorate cookies and cakes.
  • Wipe table.
  • Dress by own self.
  • Fold their own clothes.
  • Help to set dinner table.
  • Sweep floors.
  • And all chores listed in above lists.


  • Help in meal preparation.
  • Clean mirrors and furniture.
  • Organise their own room.
  • Help to fold laundry.
  • Make easy meals in your presence.
  • Help in mopping.
  • And all chores listed in above lists.

13+ years age group

  • Take care of little sibling.
  • Help to clean refrigerator.
  • Help to clean windows.
  • Help to mop the floors.
  • Clean bathroom.
  • Vacuum cleaning.
  • Wash vehicles and their own bicycle.
  • Prepare meal own by own.
  • And all chores listed in above lists.

Through by blog I just want to say that let them help you. Let them be a part of your big world. And most importantly do not forget to give them reward and encouragement for their help. So, mommies let your kids do your help with their little-little hands and big smiles. They going to make your task more colourful and joyful. Take care Mommies.

This blog post is a part of the #Letsblogwithpri blog train hosted by Prisha Lalwani, an author at MUMMASAURUS I would like to Thank Maitri verma for introducing me in the blog train. You can read her blog HERE.I would like to introduce Cindy.Read her blog HERE.

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June 11, 2019 at 1:25 pm

My 2 year old tries to help in the mentioned ways. Very useful list

June 12, 2019 at 6:56 pm

I believe that helping should start young. And because of this i ask my son and daughter to help around the house while playing. This helps them learn about responsibility too

June 13, 2019 at 4:44 am

Great consolidation of age appropriate chores.

June 13, 2019 at 11:40 am

This is a good list- very well curated as per age.

June 13, 2019 at 6:26 pm

This post is so helpful I’m gonna save this for my future

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