Reasons why your baby is crying

Reasons why your baby is crying

Why baby is crying? How can I calm her? I don’t know what to do??

There are so many questions for a mother, sometimes its really hard to understand why they cry. How to soothe them and calm them. Every mother has her own experience of motherhood. They may have different point of views and observations for cry baby.

But believe me its’s not a cup of cake to know the reason behind the crying baby. because there are so much reasons.

If you ask any mother how to soothe your baby . May be each of them gave you different advice. And may be theose advise are useless for you.

Each and every baby is different. They have their own tendency to cry. It is really hard to understand.

Baby almost cry 3-4 hours a day. They can’t speak. So they communicate through cry.

Even when Yashi was a little baby. She used to cried a lot. As a new parent it was really hard for me that’s wrong. Why she was crying.

She was very cranky baby. She used to cry a lot in night. Not so fast but slowly slowly i figured out why she cry. I started to observe her crying pattern. That helps me to calm her and soothe her tears.

Don’t worry mamma if you have a crying baby in your arms. There is a chance that baby is trying to tell you that he/she needs something.

Evolutionary speaking, offspring of mammals cry as a single who there parents that they need immediate attention, says Darcia Narvaez, PhD, a professor of psychology at the university of Notre Dame is Notre Dame, Indiana.

Motherhood is not an easy job to do. You learn so much from every movement of motherhood. Before becoming a mother, I never knew anything about motherhood. It was totally a new experience and a new path for me. I never googled about babies’ behavior because I wanted my own experience with my baby without any expectation/predication. And trust me, that is not a piece of cake. Through my motherhood journey I observe few reasons that make baby cry, but sometimes there is no reason they just cry.

Here is I have identified few most common reasons why babies cry:

May be Baby is Hungry

Some times babies cry when they are hungry. If 3-4 hours have passed since baby’s last feed and he/she start crying then probably baby is hungry.

If Baby just woke up and begins to cry. Probably Baby is hungry

Not feeling well

There is a possibility if your baby crying. He/She is not feeling well. They can’t speak. They only cry. That’s their way to communicate.

“Mommy I am not feeling well”

Gastric Problem

Some times baby cry because of a bloating stomach from overfeeding. They feel very discomfort and start cry.

Diaper Problem

A dirty diaper make baby cry. Because stool is very irritating to baby’s skin. They feel very uncomfortable if not clean off. It can cause pain.

Baby need to sleep

This problem I never understand with Yashi. When she want to sleep she start cry or become more cranky. But with me this is the biggest reason Yashi start crying.

Maybe baby needs burp

If baby start cry after feed. Maybe baby just need a burp. So burp the baby.

Feeling Discomfort

If baby is feeling uncomfortable due to too cold, too hot or too wet. Baby arch his back when cries. Trying to get away source of discomfort. So observe and remove that source make baby uncomfortable. Problem solve.

Tired Baby

If baby feel tired. There are few sign that is help you to understand that baby is tired. Like rubbing eyes, yawing etc.

Routine cry

Sometimes there are no specific reason why baby is cry. They just cry. If you observe their pattern you will understand every reason of cry. But sometimes they just cry. Just like it’s a part of their routine. Like some babies cry more at nights.They are feeling comfortable, perfectly fine but still crying. Sometimes things makes you crazy as a mother.

For attention

Sometime, baby just needs your attention and they start crying. Like if you are talking on the phone. The baby is not tired, hungry or uncomfortable, but baby starts a wingh, fussy cry.

Baby wants you to hold him

It seems sometimes they just wants you to hold them for a while, talk to them. They just want to feel you.


If breast feeding mother drink too much coffee or tea. They both have caffine. That’s make baby less sleepy and uncomfortable and they start cry. So, if you are a breastfeeding mother stop taking tea/coffee.

These are few basic reason why your baby is cry. I hope this blog helps you to understand your baby.

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May 8, 2019 at 10:23 pm

nicely captured Isha !! you are right !! a cranky baby can cause the family to jump off their chairs..

May 9, 2019 at 3:48 am

It’s tough to understand the reason when babies cry but a mother can easily understand discomfort and hunger of the baby.

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